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A free movie watching application is of course the right solution for those of you who are lazy to come directly to the cinema. You can watch all cinema films or original films specifically for streaming without having to leave the house.

Not only that, classic films that you can no longer watch on the big screen are also available. Interestingly, you can also download your favorite movies and series to watch offline without an internet quota.

So, so that the choice of places to watch free movies on cellphones and smart TVs is more diverse, ApkVenue will give some recommendations for the application for watching free and best movies for 2023.

To use, you only need to Install & Open the application via the download link provided.

But keep in mind, you can enjoy not all film content in the application for free. You need to pay a subscription fee to unlock all the premium features.

So, let’s get to the main point of this article, which is the latest 2023 cinema streaming application with a super complete collection. There anything? Immediately see in full below.

1. Pluto TV

The Pluto TV application may sound foreign to some people. Most connoisseurs of watching movies online use Netflix and WeTv to watch the movies and series they like.

However, try switching to Pluto TV, gang. The application released by Pluto, Inc. it’s 100% free and legal to use. Pluto TV APK is not subject to any contract or credit card agreement to use it.

Here you can enjoy more than 100 TV channels from various countries. This application for watching movies on this cellphone also provides various viewing genres, ranging from action, romantic, and telenovela films or series. There’s even sports.

2. Netflix

Netflix is the largest movie and TV series streaming service provider in the world. There are lots of good movies and series that you can enjoy by downloading Netflix.

Not only providing movies and series, this free Indo Sub movie watching application even makes Netflix movies and TV series that are broadcast exclusively on this platform.

You can watch your favorite movies free of charge for 30 days with a Free Trial by registering via credit card on the best movie watching application on this laptop and cellphone.

3. WeTV

Who doesn’t know WeTV, the best TV streaming application for 2023 which is on the rise.

Thanks to the presence of the original WeTV series, such as Imperfect, My Lecture My Husband, and Layangan Putus, which have been hotly discussed in recent weeks.

WeTV has a variety of excellent features, apart from providing original series from Indonesia and films that have been shown in theaters, you can also access this streaming application for free.

You can enjoy various films and several episodes of various series available on this Japanese to Korean film watching application.

You can open link download here.

4. Viu

At number 5 there is Viu which can be an option for those of you who like watching Korean dramas. In fact, Viu also provides a variety of Japanese and other Asian dramas.

Not only that, Viu also provides several popular series and films from neighboring countries, such as Malaysia to India. This application for watching the best movies in 2023 is legal, really.

Viu is also an application for watching Thai films with Indo sub, which also provides other Asian film and drama content for free. It’s just that, you have to download Viu and become a premium user in order to access exclusive content.

You can open link download here.

5. iflix

If you want to find an application to watch movies that are legal, similar to Netflix, you can try an application called iflix.

iflix has collaborated with several film production houses to screen their films exclusively. For example, the film New Rich People, Love Letters to Starla, and many more.

This application for watching Indonesian films allows you to watch several films without having to pay. However, for unlimited access you need to buy the premium version.

6. CinemaBox

The next application to watch free cinema films is Cinema Box. Not just for watching, but Cinema Box is also a free movie download application. Other app, you can try, Yidio.

If you want an application to watch movies for free without a quota on Android and watch them offline, you can first download movies and watch them without fear of running out of quota.

In fact, this application is practically similar to YouTube, because it provides a special channel for those who like to watch Music Videos (MV) from famous singers or bands. You can open link download here.